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Range of services

Having a highly qualified staff at our disposal, we are able to deliver projects for a lot of branches of the industry both in Poland and globally.
We specialise in cross-industry projects, primarily for the pulp-and-paper and energy industries.
Technological industry/sector

Technological industry deals with seeking solutions to problems related to general efficiency of factories. We offer technical counselling. We prepare 3D models of industrial installations, equipment layout designs as well as piping systems designs. Technological work includes supervision of the project implementation as well. Making use of specialist technological skills our employees have acquired makes it possible to ensure the highest standard in all kinds of projects and also during the day-to-day work of a plant. We use AutoCAD Plant to prepare 3D models and AutoCad 2D, which we use to draw up 2D documentation.

  • Audits of existing installations
  • Drawing up pre-investment technical and financial feasibility studies (FEL, CAPEX)
  • Conducting calculations and technological balance – selecting devices
  • Drawing up detailed engineering documentation
  • Overseeing the execution of the investment
  • As built documentation
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Mechanical industry/sector

Apart from carrying out mechanical designs, the mechanical industry also deals with multi-discipline designs, supporting other departments in the company. The scope of the department is design, technical assistance and author’s supervision.

The department’s staff have extensive experience in designing mechanical components for the biggest manufacturers in Poland and worldwide. They have been involved in modernizing paper plants in Poland but also designed new factories on the domestic as well as global market.

This experience enables us to design standard mechanical components such as steel constructions, equipment, tanks (including pressure vessels compliant with Office of Technical Inspection norms (UDT) as well as design components for paper machines.

In the design process we use Solidworks software for 3D models and AutoCad for 2D documentation.

  • Mechanical constructions (machines and equipment enclosures, conversion of engines and systems of machines)
  • tanks (including pressure vessels compliant with Office of Technical Inspection norms (UDT))
  • Steel supportive structures
  • Operating platforms
  • Standard and spring pipelines support
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Electrical and Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation industries

Electrical department deals with designing low-voltage and medium-voltage switchboards as well as direct current switchboards. We also carry out measurements of the electrical networks parameters, short-circuit analysis, help select protection, surge suppression, anti-shock protection and switchgear equipment.

We provide comprehensive services regarding installation of three-phase current and controlling, engine protection, transformers and generators, control unit design, automatic regulation based on the most modern drivers (PLC, DCS), measuring systems and adjustment of industrial processes. We also design lightning protection systems.

Vast experience of our engineers is a guarantee of thorough and reliable execution of every task. We make use of licensed software AutoCad for the purposes of preparation of documentation.

  • Measurements and techno-economic analysis
  • Measurements of electrical networks parameters, short-circuit analysis, help with the selection of protection, surge suppression, anti-shock protection and switchgear equipment
  • Low-voltage switchboards: 0,4kV, 0,5kV, 0,69kV (TN and IT systems)
  • Medium-voltage switchboards: 6kV, 15kV and other voltages
  • Direct current switchboards
  • Installation of three-phase current supply and controlling systems
  • Protection of engines, transformers and generators
  • Measuring systems and adjustment of industrial processes
  • Modern interior and exterior lighting
  • Recent projects
  • Insulation state control systems and short-to-earth faults control systems
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Building sector/industry

Within the ongoing projects, BiProjekt cooperates with specialist engineering design companies from the building sector.

  • Drawing up documentation at every stage of the building process (concept project design, statistical calculations, building design, detailed design, schedule of works)
  • Execution of construction process (author’s supervision, as-built drawings) maintenance of a building (technical opinions, expert opinions)
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